Geeks & Tonic Sets

Main Starter Set

The main set of Geeks & Tonic. This set will allow you and up to 6 players to enjoy geeky drinking glory as you beat your friends at collecting the most Chievables in this fast paced card game.


Heroes of the Brew Expansion

A small expansion for Geeks & Tonic allowing up to 8 players, and adding new dice rolling drinking mechanics to the game!


Anime Standalone Set

This set will add new control mechanics to the game. Manipulate other players hands and turns to turn the game in your favour!

In Development (TBD)

TV Show Expansion

This set will add new team ased combat to the game. Work in 2-4 teams with 2-4 players per team and work together to win. (May require more expansions for larger teams)

In Development (TBD)

Drunktube Mini Expansion

A small booster pack of unique cards parodying your favourite youtubers!

In Development (Coming 2019)

Specialty Convention Cards

Unique cards that will only be printed and ditributed at conventions and in person. With any expansion or game purchase.

Starts in 2019

Geeks & Tonic Stats:

  • 2-6 Players (8 with the first expansion)
  • Takes 30-60min to play!
  • Fast paced turns with quick PVP action!
  • Simple rules system thats easy and quick to learn and use! (Even while inebriated)
  • Simple rules still allow for complex strategies to be used!

New expansions coming in the future! So keep an eye out! Our original Kickstarter video is here on the right for a quick rules rundown!