A Full Tabletop RPG!

Legends of Hyrule is a full Tabletop PaP RPG with a huge number of races, many different classes, weapons, and as much as we could possibly fit and stat from every franchise game to date!

All the Rulebooks For Free!

As a fan based game all of our rulebooks will forever be available for free! Because of this we need support on patreon to steadily allow us time to work on updates.

Books Character Sheet

Versatility Gaming System

Legends of Hyrule is designed using our patented VGS game system. This makes it very fast paced on rolling and allows a more story focused narrative.

Current Stats:

  • Over 90 Races!
  • 15 Playable Classes!
  • Over 50 pages of items, gear, and armor!
  • Simple rules system thats easy and quick to learn and use!
  • Constantly adding new content!

We are always updating so stay aware!