Versatility Gaming System

SCP: Breakout is designed using our patented VGS game system. This makes it very fast paced on rolling and allows a more story focused narrative. SCP: Breakout is a full Tabletop PaP RPG with explicit detail in the class and profession distribution of foundation members. These articles are not to be released except to authourized perssonel.

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The Foundation Handbook is available for purchase through some external sites. It has been modified to allow non foundation members to have access to certain documents excluding SCP Anomaly articles, for civilian protection and Foundation secrecy.

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SCP Listings

SCP listings up to date as they are added to the Foundation's systems. This information is highly sensitive and should never go public.

SCP Official List Phsyco Analysis Sheets Erreta (1st Ed.)

Custom Content

Our side companies have helped us develop Foundation Content for your eyes only.

SCP Custom List Custom Scenarios List

Current Stats:

  • Detailed use of Foundation Classes & Jobs
  • Psycho Analysis Sheet with Feats & Flaws
  • Horrifying Breakout Scenario Coverage and Details
  • Simple create your own Campiagn System
  • SCP added to this Site's Database as soon as they are available.

All Foundation information is held in the highest level of secrecy. Any breach of information beyond what is given in the Foundation Rulebook could be cause for Termination or other punishment. You have been warned.