SCP Official List

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SCP # Designation Class Finished? Date Added Actions
SCP-0001 UNKNOWN N/AYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0002 The "Living" Room EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0003 Biological Motherboard EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0004 The 12 Rusty Keys and The Door EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0005 Skeleton Key SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0006 The Fountain of Youth SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0007 Abdominal Planet EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0008 Zombie Plague EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0009 Red Ice EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0010 Collars of Control SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0011 Sentient Civil War Memorial Statue SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0012 A Bad Composition EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0013 Blue Lady Cigarettes SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0014 The Concrete Man SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0015 Pipe Nightmare EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0016 Sentient Micro-Organism KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0017 Shadow Person KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0018 Super Ball EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0019 The Monster Pot KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0020 Unseen Mold KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0021 Skin Wyrm SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0022 The Morgue EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0023 Black Shuck EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0024 Game Show of Death EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0025 A Well-Worn Wardrobe SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0026 Afterschool Retention EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0027 The Vermin God EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0028 Knowledge SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0029 Daughter of Shadows KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0030 The Homunculus SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0031 What is Love? SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0032 Brothers' Bride EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0033 The Missing Number EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0034 Obsidian Ritual Knife SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0035 Possessive Mask KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0036 The Reincarnation Pilgrimage of the Yazidi (Kiras GuhorÓn) SafeNO2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0037 Dwarf Star EulcidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0038 The Everything Tree SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0039 Proboscis Engineers EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0040 Evolution's Child EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0041 Thought-Broadcasting Patient SafeYES2019-01-02 09:50:15
SCP-0042 A Formerly Winged Horse SafeYES2019-01-02 10:00:04
SCP-0043 The Beatle SafeYES2019-01-02 10:05:47
SCP-0044 World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon SafeYES2019-01-02 10:44:19
SCP-0045 Atmospheric Converter SafeYES2020-02-26 08:28:03
SCP-0046 Predatory Holly Bush EuclidYES2020-02-26 08:36:49
SCP-0047 Microbial Mutagen KeterYES2020-02-26 08:48:24
SCP-0048 The Cursed SCP Number NoneYES2020-02-26 09:25:14
SCP-0049 Plague Doctor EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0050 To The Cleverest EuclidYES2020-02-26 09:32:12
SCP-0051 Japanese Obstetrical Model SafeYES2020-02-26 09:43:20
SCP-0052 Time-Traveling Train EuclidYES2020-02-26 09:54:34
SCP-0053 Young Girl EuclidYES2020-02-26 10:02:42
SCP-0054 Water Nymph SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0055 [UNKNOWN] KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0056 A Beautiful Person EuclidYES2020-02-26 07:47:06
SCP-0057 The Daily Grind SafeYES2020-02-26 07:53:30
SCP-0058 Heart of Darkness KeterYES2020-02-26 08:11:53
SCP-0066 Eric's Toy Euclid-impetusYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0067 The Artist's Pen SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0068 The Wire Figure SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0069 Second Chance SafeYES2018-10-19 07:06:10
SCP-0070 Iron Wings SafeYES2018-10-19 07:16:27
SCP-0072 The Foot of the Bed SafeYES2020-02-21 12:26:51
SCP-0075 Corrosive Snail EuclidYES2020-02-21 00:00:00
SCP-0076 Able KeterYES2020-02-21 00:00:00
SCP-0077 Rot Skull EuclidYES2020-02-21 00:00:00
SCP-0079 Old AI EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0085 Hand-drawn "Cassy" SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0087 The Stairwell EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0096 The "Shy Guy" EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0106 The Old Man KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0113 The Gender-Switcher SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0148 The "Telekill" Alloy SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0166 Teenage Succubus EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0173 The Scuplture EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0178 3-D Specs EuclidYES2020-02-28 10:42:41
SCP-0205 Shadow Lamps EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0231 Special Personnel Requirements KeterYES2018-10-19 10:01:12
SCP-0294 The Coffee Machine EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0303 The Doorman EuclidYES2020-02-21 11:55:55
SCP-0354 The Red Pool KeterYES2018-10-19 07:42:39
SCP-0372 Peripheral Jumper EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0399 Atomic Manipulation Ring SafeYES2019-01-04 10:30:27
SCP-0400 Beautiful Babies EuclidYES2019-01-04 07:49:58
SCP-0426 I Am A Toaster EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0427 Lovecraftian Locket SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0448 Jack-in-the-Box SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0452 Dreamcatcher Spider EuclidYES2019-01-04 09:26:27
SCP-0478 Tooth Fairies EuclidYES2018-10-19 09:35:35
SCP-0500 Panacea ('Red Pill') SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0513 A Cowbell EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0523 The Most Unhelpful Object On Earth EuclidYES2019-01-04 09:54:56
SCP-0525 Eye Spiders EuclidYES2019-01-04 09:45:39
SCP-0538 Shadow Spiders EuclidYES2019-01-04 06:55:30
SCP-0597 The Mother of Them All EuclidYES2020-10-27 09:53:50
SCP-0610 The Flesh that Hates KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0682 Hard-to-Destroy Reptile KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0714 The Jaded Ring SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0847 The Mannequin EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0860 Blue Key SafeYES2018-09-11 11:19:03
SCP-0895 Camera Disruption EuclidYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0902 The Final Countdown KeterYES2018-10-19 10:19:55
SCP-0914 The Clockworks SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0939 With Many Voices KeterYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-0965 The Face In The Window EuclidYES2018-10-19 09:46:27
SCP-0966 Sleep Killer EuclidYES2018-09-11 11:32:07
SCP-0970 The Recursive Room EuclidYES2018-09-11 11:42:58
SCP-0978 Desire Camera SafeYES2019-01-04 09:11:33
SCP-0990 The Dream Man KeterYES2018-09-11 11:51:45
SCP-0993 Bobble the Clown SafeYES2020-02-21 11:43:16
SCP-0999 The Tickle Monster SafeYES2018-09-11 10:07:28
SCP-1000 Bigfoot KeterYES2018-10-19 10:09:40
SCP-1003 Tapeworm Child KeterYES2018-09-20 07:01:54
SCP-1004 Factory Porn SafeYES2018-09-20 07:11:59
SCP-1025 Encyclopedia of Diseases SafeYES2018-09-20 07:30:44
SCP-1048 Builder Bear KeterYES2018-09-20 07:52:47
SCP-1123 Atrocity Skull SafeYES2018-09-20 07:59:48
SCP-1162 A Hole in the Wall EuclidYES2018-09-20 08:25:27
SCP-1231 The Theoretical Family EuclidYES2020-02-21 12:08:36
SCP-1470 Telepathic Spider Neutralized (Formerly Safe)YES2019-01-04 10:07:22
SCP-1471 MalO ver1.0.0 EuclidYES2020-02-21 11:19:54
SCP-1487 Beautiful Bones EuclidYES2019-01-03 09:54:49
SCP-1602 A Shower Curtain SafeYES2019-01-03 10:26:50
SCP-1993 Your Leg EuclidYES2019-01-03 10:39:12
SCP-2006 Too Spooky KeterYES2020-02-21 11:34:06
SCP-2075 The Way of All Flesh EuclidYES2019-01-04 08:55:28
SCP-2118 The Lost Child SafeYES2019-01-04 08:00:06
SCP-2316 Field Trip KeterYES2019-01-03 09:09:59
SCP-2521 --|-----|--|- KeterYES2018-10-19 10:35:29
SCP-2740 It Wasn't There EuclidYES2019-01-03 09:34:40
SCP-2991 Scarf SafeYES2020-02-21 12:55:21
SCP-3063 A Fly KeterYES2019-01-03 08:50:41
SCP-3512 The More You Know EuclidYES2019-01-03 08:20:37